Ball Screw Scissor Lift Tables
Engineered and Manufactured by EnKon, an Innovative Industry Leader

Enkon Systems Ball Screw Scissor Lift Tables are designed and built based on countless hours of knowledge from industrial applications. When your application requires lift tables to perform a specific way with respect to size, capacity, speed, duty cycle, safety features, etc. Enkon Systems will have a scissor lift that will meet your needs.

Enkon Systems' Electric Lifts provide precision control at all positions and speeds. Features such as long-standing static positioning and accurate repeatability allow maximum control in a variety of production applications

A Michigan-Based Company
EnKon Lifts are Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA

  • Precision controlled
    +/- .03 (.76 mm)
  • Anti-fall device - hydraulic cylinder with velocity fuse
  • Double nut system with limit switch control to lock the lift for extra safety
  • Controlled descent device
    meeting ANSI standards
  • Angular contact bearings for high performance under axial loads
  • Extremely low maintenance requirements
  • Patented technology
Enkon-life-cycle-test-and-approved enkon-made-in-the-usa Enkon-patent-pending=electronic-innovations

Features and Benefits  
Safety Locking Systems
  • Double nut system
    (ACME screw)
    for anti-fall in the event
    the load bearing nut fails
  • Catch nut system
    (Ball screw)

    for anti-fall in the even
    t the load bearing nut fails
  • Hydraulic cylinder with velocity fuse
    locks the lift at infinite positions or controlled descent
  • Mechanical ratchet
    lock arm or leg

    locks the lift at multiple
    fixed positions
  • Multiple belt system
    with limit switches

  • Full redundant
    belt integrated
    with controls

    for anti-fall in the event
    the primary belt fails
  • Fast acting motor brake

  • Electromotive Force
    (EMF) controls

  • Precision controlled
    for accurate repeatability.

  • Professionally engineered 
    for performance maximization and versatility in integration.

  • All purpose lifting capacities 
    from 100 pounds (45 kg) up to 50,000 lbs (22,680 kg).

  • High-strength steel welded construction. Built to safety factors required
    by customer’s application

    complies with ANSI MH29.1-1994.

  • High duty cycle 
    for reliability.

  • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) overlay on bearings at all
    pivot points and self-lubricating

    for high loads and long life.

  • Speed easily controlled with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) 
    for smooth lift acceleration and deceleration. 

  • Limit switch or encoder sensing options 
    for accurate positioning.

  • Long standing static positioning
    for maintaining a load position indefinitely.

  • Integrates well with robotics, conveyors, skillet systems,
    machine builders, workstations and production assembly lines

    for ease of use.

  • Compatible with alternating current AC or direct current DC motors 
    for versitility.

  • Clean and green technology -- places the power of the
    motor where it is used for less power consumption and

    cleaner environment.

  • Low noise level decibel
    for meeting OSHA standards for work environment safety.

  • All surfaces cleaned, primed and coated with
    enamel based acrylic paint.

  • Safety skirting - Accordion style
    to protect from pinch points and debris.

  • Safety toe stop to stop
    the lift’s downward movement immediately.