Cart Lifts
Engineered and Manufactured by EnKon, an Innovative Industry Leader

Enkon Cart Lifts improve ergonomics in material handling and fork free assembly line applications. We offer many different lifting options within our cart lift product line, from air, hydraulic, or electric powered scissor lifts, to various post lift systems. EnKon's Cart Lift systems are engineered and built around your existing cart inventory or around Herkules manufactured carts to meet your exact needs.

Safety Features can be easily incorporated into any Enkon Cart Lifts, including fully redundant secondary locking anti-fall devices, cart lock systems, toe kick, integrated interlocking gates, lift barriers, and safety bellows skirting. Other features include items such as one touch controls and multiple position automated controls.

Fork-free alternative Cart positioners will increase safety, reduce energy and labor costs by minimizing the need for fork trucks. Combine Enkon's lifts with rotates, tilts or any other desired material handling system to create a safer, less costly work environment.

Just-in-time (JIT) inventory strategy can reduce onsite inventory which, in turn, reduces the number of operators needed to deliver materials. Forklift truck capital and maintenance expenses are less. And injuries related to Forklift truck accidents are reduced.

A Michigan-Based Company
EnKon Lifts are Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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Please use this form to provide Enkon with your application description and requirements.  Click to download .pdf file.

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Lift Cart Positioners:

  • Scissor Lift Tables are powered by Air, Electric or Hydraulic motion devices, or a combination dependent on customer’s needs.
  • Scissor Lift Tables provide a low profile of as low as 4 inches for increased flexibility.
  • Air operated Scissor Lift Tables incorporate Herkules patented Air Bag Technology, a one-to-one direct lift ratio that reduces scissor wear – providing a long lift life.


Lift Cart Positioners:

  • Cart Positioners and Carts are available in standard sizes or can be customized.
  • Scissor Lift Tables can be double stacked for use in high travel applications.
  • Scissor Lift Tables are available in capacities ranging from 1000 lbs to 4000 lbs. Custom-made heavy duty Scissor Lift Tables can be designed and built for capacities over 50,000 lbs.

Lift and Tilt Cart Positioners:

  • Tilt Table angles available from 0 to 90 degrees. Common angles are 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees.
  • Tilt Table retaining gussets can be designed to support the cart only or both the cart and the dunnage.
  • Tilt Tables can be mounted on top of a Scissor Lift Table or mounted to the floor.


Tilt Cart Positioners:

  • Tilt Tables can incorporate ramps to assist with cart interfacing.
  • Tilt Table’s pivot is a continuous hinge along the complete width of the tilt and is made of high-grade steel.


Lift and Rotate Cart Positioners:

  • Cart Rotate Positioners incorporate high-grade rotate bearings which provide very low push / pull forces for operators
  • Cart Lift & Rotate Positioners can have the rotate mounted on the bottom of the Scissor Lift Table or on the top of the Scissor Lift Table.
  • Cart Rotate Locking options include brake actuator, ball detent or mechanical lock.
  • Cart Rotate high-grade bearing can be mounted on the top or the bottom of a Scissor Lift Table.


Post Lift Cart Positioners:

  • Post Lift Cart Positioners are ideal for applications that require a small foot print, high travel and loading at floor level.
  • Post Lift Cart Positioners are powered by electric-hydraulic, or electric acme screw motion devices.
  • Post Lift Cart Positioners that are acme screw driven incorporate a double nut system integrated with controls for added safety.
  • Post Cart Positioners can be designed for pre-existing carts or designed for a turnkey lift and cart system.

History of Forklift truck free:
The modern Forklift trucks / high-lows have been used since the 1920s.  They have become a necessary tool used by many industries such as manufacturing, construction, trucking and warehousing.  By the early 1980s manufacturing started to realize the benefits of Just-in-time (JIT) as an inventory strategy and process control.  By the mid-1990s industry had created a new theory that if Forklift trucks were used only in places where they were needed the most, such as loading docks then carts could be used in other locations of the facility.  When this theory is applied correctly it advances the principles of Just-in-time (JIT) and facilities can recognize a high rate of Return on Investment (ROI) due to the following:
  1. Inventory on site is reduced
  2. The number of operators delivering material is reduced
  3. Forklift truck capital expenses are less
  4. Forklift truck maintenance expenses are less
  5. Injuries related Forklift truck accidents are reduced

The Forklift Free theory is a less expensive means of attaining similar benefits to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) systems.  The Forklift Free theory has its place today among other growing trends that save time and money.

Justification for Tugger and Carts:
Forklift Process
Pick from shipping and place at work station
Tugger and Carts Process
Milk-Run pick up empty and drop off full
justification_05 justification - chart return on investment - herkules scissor lift table, fork free cart positioner, cart lift, material handling, ergonomic, hercules

The Forklift Process shown above requires a total of 8 trips by means of picking full dunnage from shipping and receiving and placing it at the work station with the return trip picking empty dunnage from the work station and placing it at shipping and receiving.  The costs for this process can be high when considering the alternative.  Some costs to consider are as follows; labor hour costs, equipment run hour costs, costs associated with a high chance of injury due to Forklift truck traffic and the costs associated with product sitting idle at the shipping dock rather than at the assembly line where it is needed. The Tugger and Cart Process shown above reduces the number of trips needed to a total of 1.  The process utilizes an old practice commonly referred to as the Milk-run.  This process is commonplace in the modern airport for transporting passenger luggage to and from the airplanes and terminals.  Imagine an operator at the airport traveling back and forth from the terminal to airplane carrying only 1 piece of luggage similar to the Forklift Process described.  Savings can easily be recognized when making the comparison to the Tugger and Cart Process.

1 lsa19_enkon_a_series_pneumatic_scissor_lift_table   lsa14_enkon_a_series_scissor_lift_table   lsa14_enkon_a_series_scissor_lift_table  
2 v0434_enkon_a_series_air_scissor_lift_portable_caster_cart   lrsa14_enkon_a_series_air_scissor_lift_and_rotate_table   v0654_enkon_a_series_air_scissor_lift_and_tilt_table_floor_level