Engineered and Manufactured by EnKon, an Innovative Industry Leader

There are two types of lift systems available for industrial applications:
those that have been engineered and built to the unique requirements of each customer and application, and those that haven’t.

The benefits of the first approach include greater safety, performance and productivity; easier integration into existing processes; longer service life; reduced downtime; lower maintenance expense; improved ergonomics; and higher ROI. Depending on supplier, the second approach could represent nothing more than a potentially expensive set of compromises.

By choosing an EnKon by Herkules lift system, you can be certain your needs will be reflected in every design element and construction feature. In fact, we encourage customers to be involved at each step of the journey, from the initial phone call to delivery and installation, to ensure a superior outcome.

Here’s how this journey will benefit you:

designing_01_enkon_scissor_lift_tables_36 fabricating_01_enkon_scissor_lift_tables_36 welding_01_enkon_scissor_lift_tables_36
painting_01_enkon_scissor_lift_tables_36 testing_01_enkon_scissor_lift_tables_36 v1389_01_enkon_ball_screw_scissor_lift_table_36


We’ll begin by identifying the exact requirements of your application. What is the duty cycle? How low will it need to be? How fast? EnKon by Herkules engineers will use this and other key information to ensure the finished system performs to your highest expectations.


Everyone loves choices. We’ll help you understand all the options available in developing the ideal lift system for your process requirements, timing and budget.


Our passion for your success won’t end with the installation of your new lift. Our engineering and support professionals are always available to help address any issues or identify new opportunities to enhance process automation for your business.


  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Electrical & electronics
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Fluids & thermal
  • Mechanical
  • Specialized data acquisition
    & control systems
  • Structural


  • Integration & testing operations, maintenance, sustainability
  • Project management
  • Systems engineering


  • Complex systems engineering, validation
  • Complex welding, tubing, wiring
  • Control systems design for Hazardous classifications
  • Documentation control system: ISO Certified
  • Hardware specifications
  • Liquid & gas process system design,
    fabrication, installation, checkout
  • Piping & pipe-support design, fabrication, installation
  • Process system instrumentation
  • Programming for HMI & PLC
  • Systems for specialized environments
  • Systems integration
  • Stress analysis, heat transfer, thermal flow
  • Vacuum system design, fabrication, installation, validation

Tested and Certified

Providing companies worldwide with quality material handling systems, Herkules has thoroughly tested every technology used for our EnKon lift tables.

Our vertical robot electric scissor lift table systems provide precision control at all positions and speeds, the result of our patented technology and controlled descent devices that meet ANSI standards. Tests and actual application performance validate that these lifts can run for millions of cycles with little to no repairs needed.

Our patented air-bag technology is known for its performance and reliability. Herkules air-bag powered lifts offer the advantages of a low-profile design with the powerful performance of a one-to-one lift ratio. Fewer moving parts mean repeated cycles with fewer incidents.

Herkules is also committed to maintaining high standards with our practices and processes, which is why our company has earned ISO certification, an internationally recognized industry standard that requires a commitment to both quality and continuous improvement.