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Our Strengths

Company Mission Statement of Enkon

To design, manufacture and provide leading scissor lift tables and other types of lifting systems to the global market place that are based on the most innovative ideas, highest of quality, dynamically spectacular, and delivered timely at a reasonable price.


Company Mission Statement of Enkon to our Employees

Enkon is committed to our Employees to provide a stable work environment with equal opportunity for growth and development.  Imagination and creativity are encouraged for improving the health of Enkon Systems.  All Employees are provided with respect and a caring passionate attitude within the company that they are expected to share with every Enkon customer.


Enkon Strengths

 Our People

  • Exhibit a can-do attitude and a strong work ethic
  • Are truly excellent people who share passion and values for quality
  • Rely on attitude and integrity, valuing talent over experience
  • Foster a positive and fun environment
  • Are fearless, courageous, open-minded, self-motivated and eager to learn

 Our Customer Commitment

  • Act with respect, integrity, and honesty
  • Be relentless in our dedication to our customers’ success
  • Be flexible and easy to do business with
  • Deliver exceptional value to our clients, as defined and measured by them
  • Have all employees contribute to our customers satisfaction

 Our Products

  • Created with passion to be the very best product available
  • Provide the highest quality products possible
  • Designed and developed with the latest finite element analysis technology available to engineers
  • Tested, tested and re-tested to understand all the dynamic forces and learn what will fail and when
  • Are designed and engineered to last a life time

Todd Bacon
CEO & Founder